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Tone down your wall colours to provide a clean, blank canvas. Use stronger colours sparingly as accents, to create a pleasing, well thought out scheme that runs throughout the property. The goal is to create a look that will appeal to the broadest buying audience.



Carefully pack away beloved family photos and children’s drawings. The aim is to not let your buyer be distracted by your life, instead let them concentrate on visualizing themselves in the rooms.



Tidy up EVERY room. Pack up and store, or get rid of everything that you do not use on a regular basis. (If buyers can’t even see a room they are not going to be able to visualise themselves living in it!) Remember, you will be packing anyway for your move, so look on this as a task to get organised.


Clean, clean and clean again

No one wants to live with another person’s dirt, so clean like you’ve never cleaned before! And don’t just do it once and forget about it – have a regular cleaning schedule involving all household members.


Check your kerb appeal

The look of the outside of your property is as important as the inside. It should immediately say to buyers,‘I’m a lovely property, come inside!’ Not…‘I’m not worth bothering with, keep on driving.’


Keep your pets under control

Confine them to a specific area while you are selling your property. You know you love your pets, but buyers may find animal presence and their smell off-putting. It’s not worth alienating a potential buyer.


Define each room or area

Remember, you’re selling a lifestyle so make sure the buyer is clear where they can comfortably entertain, dine, study or play.


DIY now

Finish off all those little jobs that can often signal that you may have left other more important things unattended to as well.


Ensure your lighting is sufficient

If necessary, change bulbs to brighter ones or invest in some new light fittings.



Use mirrors wherever possible to maximise light and space. Dress your rooms with carefully chosen and coordinated accessories. Use colour to tie the room together. And don’t forget plants, fresh flowers and pleasing fragrances, which appeal to the buyer’s senses.

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