How to add value to your home without spending a packet


When you want to add value to your home, don’t get disheartened by thinking that the only route is to spend lots of cash by having to maybe extend and update your kitchen, or by having to add a bedroom or bathroom.  In reality, some relatively small and inexpensive tricks will work just as well if carried out properly and to the full:


1. A fresh lick of paint

There is nothing more satisfying than getting out a fresh, light coloured pot of paint and covering any grimy or dull walls which were making your home seem unloved and dingy.  I sometimes find that a paintbrush is a more desireable cleaning tool than a cleaning cloth and elbow grease!!  Prime areas like entrance halls, kitchens and bathrooms will benefit from a fresh coat of paint a thousand fold, let alone the fresh smell that will follow!


2. Decluttering

Clear your space – clear your mind!  Decluttering is such a buzz word nowadays, but really and truly, decluttering can benefit you far more than just physically being able to move or see around a space clearly.  Talk about re energising your motivation and being able to see the wood for the trees in any task!  Decluttering your home, will also make it appear larger and lighter and if you are selling or letting, then it will allow the prospective buyer or tenant to see beyond your stuff to the actual bare bones of a home.


3. Create storage

By finding a home for your stuff with shelves and cupboards, you can see through all of those things which are blocking your line of vision.  Plus, how satisifying is it to be able to find stuff if it has a proper home?  Storage can double up as seating, or boxes slid under beds.  Coat hooks and hangers placed on unobtrusive walls are a Godsend when chaos and stuff congregate in entrances and on floors!


4. Have a Spring Clean

You can never put too much emphasis on having a sparkling clean home, especially if you are showing it to the world for sales or lettings!!  Don’t give your prospective buyers or tenants reason to mentally take money off your asking price!  While you’re at it, take a look at sorting out heaving cupboards and drawers which are built in, viewers will always take a sneaky peek when no one is looking!


5. Fit better lighting

Although it is always preferable to have natural lighting, artificial lighting can really give a place some pzzazz when natural light really isn’t possible.  Lighting up feature corners or task areas make for a more valuable looking space along with the main feature of being user friendly.


6. Create an illusion of space

Light coloured flooing and walls can sometimes allow you to put in dark furniture and fittings.  Be careful though that nothing is overpowering and you can still see those floors and walls which will draw everyone’s eye out and make the space seem larger.


7. Give your garden a tidy

Again, when we are talking about creaing the illusion of space, cutting back foliage and grass will Always make your garden look bigger and more luxurious.


8. Ensure all DIY tasks are completely finished to a high standard

Otherwise you need to call in the professionals.  This can oftentimes be a lot more cost effective than it seems, plus a prospective buyer will not cast a dismissive glance around and mentally start taking money off the asking price for broken fittings and unfinished tasks.





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