Why Home Staging can be worth every penny when it comes to selling your home.


Home Staging has become a popular trend in the real estate market and we are being encouraged more and more to invest in getting our home ready for the sales market.  Having said that, it really does stand to reason that you may find it difficult to get your head around actully spending cold, hard cash on a property that you are leaving and may have already emotionally detached yourself from.

When you put your home on the market, you are not given any second chances.  The sales process starts when your property goes live on the internet or is advertised in the estate agents’ windows.  A picture says a thousand words and this is the first opportunity you have to get buyers’ hearts pounding once they set eyes on their dream home – your home!  So frustrating if yours is the one that their eyes scan dissapointedly over with badly photographed, unprepared and dull photos.

Once you have attracted these discerning buyers to come and view, this is another opportunity to showcase rather than lurk with embarrassment!  All of that cleaning and decluttering and fresh paint will not go unoticed!  Also this is where buyers will be seeking out all of the corners they could not see in the photos, so your property will definitely ping when the buyers see the ability to move straight in, even if the decor is not to their taste right now.

You may know what a gem your home is and feel excited by its hidden potential, but feel sad that you didn’t have the time/energy/capital to bring it to life.  That is why it can be so emotional when buyers either don’t have any interest, or may give bad feedback after viewing.  So think to yourself that you and the house do deserve relatively small investments in time and money, and think how proud you would feel if you could show a snippet of what this home could be for the next owner!

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