To Reconfigure or Not Reconfigure that is the question?


When you come to sell your property and you think it should sell quite quickly, yet after weeks of marketing and few, if any, viewings and hence little positive feedback from the buyers, what do you do?

  • Do you keep marketing and hope with blind faith that the right buyer will somehow walk through your door and make an offer?
  • Do you change agents and hope they can come up with a fresh crop of interested and motivated buyers?
  • Do you just give up and think it will never happen for you and take the property off the market and give up on your hopes and dreams of moving on?


Background Facts

  • The first place buyers start their house hunt is online, so some thought and care should be taken with the photos which will be presented online.
  • Most buyers may not be able to see the potential in your property and so write it off as not right for them.
  • Usually, agents aren’t motivated to talk about the property’s potential or the correct configuration for that property.
  • Most agents won’t be familiar with the Permitted Development rights of the property and so won’t be able sow the seeds of extension possibilities with the viewers.
  • Most vendors don’t make the most of their property and it’s full potential.
  • Most vendors aren’t motivated to make changes to help the sale.

So it can only stand to reason that it would be much easier for an agent to explain the property’s potential to a prospective buyer, if they have physical tools at their disposal, like 2d and 3d floorplans of what the property could be.  Plus thought and care should be put into how the property is presented by the seller.



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