To Reconfigure or Not Reconfigure that is the question?

When you come to sell and you think your property should sell quite quickly and after weeks of marketing and little positive feedback from the buyers, what do you do? Well we think we have the answer-

Background Facts

  • Most Buyers cant see the actual potential in a property
  • On buying a property most initial work a buyer does is usually reconfigured further down the line
  • Most agents don’t know the correct configuration
  • Most agents don’t understand ‘Permitted Development rights
  • Most vendors don’t make the most of there property and it’s full potential

Most vendors aren’t motivated to make changes to help the sale If you think that any of the above has or does apply to you then you might want to consider contacting reconfiguremyhome and get a verbal appraisal and quote. The report we can provide may sway you to make changes or provide your agent with a fresh way to market the property with visual 2d and 3d plans and/or the report


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