How to fall back in love with the unloved (or at least ‘like’, again!)

I hate my bed!  It is a large lump of dark brown leather ruining the effect of the light and elegant dream room I have pictured in my head.  It may have had its day 15 or so years ago when brown leather was all the rage and I jumped on the bandwagon (resulting in severe investment being made in dark woods and leathers and dark brown accessories – ugh now!!!).  I seem to have found myself the proud owner of a plethora of brown leather – sofas and dining chairs… and that bed – all are cold, uncosy, slidey (try watching telly or hosting a dinner party without someone sliding off their chair!).  Here I am now feeling a bit hard done by when all things hygge, scandie, vintage – basically anything other than brown leather – give me oh such a warm and fuzzy feeling (envy??!!!) from the pages of Instagram and Pinterest!

My problem is that when something was such an investment piece, I find it down right and near impossilbe to just bin it to make room for the new love of the moment.  I’d like to think that its because of my incredibly loyal personality not even letting me get rid of old pieces of furniture – but its probaly just another dose of good old Catholic guilt!  I wish I could be one of those people who could purge their living/sleeping spaces of anything unloved and uncomfortable without a second thought and in doing so invite the Universe to fill it with pieces from the dream room in my mind’s eye.

Plus being married to an estate agent, who sees absolutely no value in investing in furniture when a reconfigure or an extension will bring far more value to the place, maybe a bit of truth, but so unsatisfying!!

So, after giving myself a talking to about how I should just get on with the business of creating the dream bedroom, that bloody bed aside,  the decision is to work with the bed and build layers of elegance and cosiness around it!!!  Even if I never intend to fall back in love with the bed itself, to fall in love with my bedroom and at least like the bed, is the aim.

Stay tuned for future posts and stories on Instagram and Twitter, room by room and piece by piece of furniture!