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What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing and presenting a property for sale. Using a number of techniques that will make your property look bigger and brighter, home staging can include de-cluttering, making sure each room is clearly defined to presenting the garden or balcony as an additional outside room. Home staging makes it easier for buyers to begin mentally moving in and placing their furniture. The aim of home staging is to make your property stand out from the competition, helping you sell your property quicker so you can move to your new home too!

What will I get out of it?

Staging is an investment to help your home sell quicker and for a price closer to or for the estate agents valuation. The longer your property remains unsold, the greater the prospect of you having to reduce the price to get it sold. Sometimes, if a buyer knows your property has been on the market a long time, they will assume you are desperate to sell and automatically offer you a lower price.

Why make changes if I’m selling?

There is a common misconception that buyers will want to redecorate and put their stamp on a property when they move in. Whilst this is true in some cases, the majority of buyers like a property they can move straight into. Often buyers will overestimate the cost of completing odd jobs, replacing flooring or redecorating and once a buyer has calculated a figure in their head, they will knock this figure off your asking price. One of the key aims of home staging is to eliminate, or at least greatly reduce the buyer’s perception of having to spend lots of money on your property.

Should I stage my property  before I put it on the market?

Ideally yes. This way everyone that is currently looking at your style and type of property in your area will get to see it prepared, presented and looking its best. Once a buyer has seen a property and decided it’s not for them, it can be very difficult to get them back to view the same property a second time. It also means the pictures taken by your estate agent to showcase your property, will show buyers your property is ready to move into.

Is home staging the same as interior design?

Designed interiors reflect personal taste and style. For example, if a homeowner likes animal prints, or the colour pink an interior designer will incorporate these elements into their design. Home staging involves creating a neural home, that allows buyers to spend the short time they have viewing your property, looking at the property and not being distracted by the animal prints or pink feature walls. Reflecting personal taste is perfectly fine when living in the property, but when it comes to selling, the property needs to have a broad appeal so buyers won’t worry about having to spend money redecorating to paint over the pink feature walls.

What type of things might home staging involve?

No two staging projects will be identical. A simple home staging project might involve de-cluttering or moving furniture to define a space, whilst a more complex home stage might involve landscaping a front garden to finishing off odd jobs.

Do I need to stage every room?

This depends on the size of the property, how much there is to do and of course; time and budget. Ideally, staging should start at the front of the property and end in the rear garden or balcony. A large number of buyers will decide whether to view a property based on what it looks like from the outside.  At the very least, key rooms such as the main living areas; kitchen and master bedroom should all get the home staging treatment. Simple cost effective changes can make a big difference like placing a colourful hanging basket at the front of the property, unifying spaces with accent colours, or eliminating pet odours.